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         At Lee Home Products we are dedicated to the

manufacture and distribution of intriguing and novel

products. Our company manufactures plasma and LED

( Light emitting diode ) novelty displays as well as the

national business of wholesale distribution of cast

aluminum outdoor lanterns. We are currently doing

business with major retail chain stores in the United

States and Canada. The plasma displays utilize the

principle of using stable nobel gases and a diffuse

electron flow to oscillate the gases' electrons from a

higher orbit to a lower in repetition to produce electro-

magnetic radiation ( Benign ) in the visible light

spectrum. Importantly, the plasmic, lightning type

display is not actually an electrical flow but a photonic

flow i.e. energy. People find the displays to a great

conversational piece with family, friends, and parties,

etc. Similar but more complex plasma technology is

used in plasma televisions which utilize nobel gases in

cell or channels. Our LED displays utilizes a rudimentary type of semiconductor bulbs to emit light in differnet colors, having a long service life. Many manufacturer are now going to LED based flashlights as well as being utilize by certain branch of the military service because of their low usage of batteries reserve capacity plus it's long bulb life.

          Our cast aluminum lanterns are competitively priced and are of quality. They are manufactured by TAE WHA Industries of South Korea whom the owner of Lee Home Products personally know and have visited the factory and have dined with in South Korea and in the United States. We are constantly trying to keep in flow with the popular demands of the industry retailers.

            We at Lee Home Products are constantly striving for new technology for the production of new products. In addition, we are avid supporters of the outdoor life sports especially fly fishing and fishing sport in general. We thank those who have visited our web site and wish them a prosperous business.

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